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American Family Insurance Supplier Diversity Program

We are Supplier Diversity at American Family Insurance


SPEAKER 1: Take one.

SPEAKER 2: Quiet on set and action!

GROUP IN UNISON: We are Supplier Diversity at American Family Insurance.

TROY VAN BEEK: The American Family Insurance purpose is to champion dreams and opportunities so everyone can rise.

CESAR PINZON: This work connects with our diverse suppliers in our community, which ensures equitable opportunity for success.

ANISHA JACKSON: It is our mission to foster the inclusive mindset with our customers, our employees, and our communities, and beyond.

CHONG LEE: Therefore, an inclusive culture also means an inclusive supplier base.

AMY SUTHERLAND: And by rejuvenating that supplier base with some fresh perspectives, some diverse opinions, and new ways of doing things, it's just continuing to further American Family's success and relevance in our communities.

MICHAEL NOTT: And in doing that, we will develop a more inclusive and diverse supply chain here at American Family Insurance.

ANGELA JENKINS: My primary accountability is to bring in diverse talent into high technology.

RICK SCHELTHELM: The finance organization aims to be an indispensable business partner providing proactive expertise and analysis that instills trust and helps move our business forward.

BRETT WALKER: We've met our objectives and then some, and we're seeing the fruits of that work.

BRITTANY WYATT: I've already been able to see the enormous impact that the Supplier Diversity Program has had, not only on the organization itself, but within the communities that we live and that we serve in.

ANISHA JACKSON: We have a wonderful partnership with our external partners. We work very well and partner with these organizations as we are all forging and doing the same work, going down the same path, to help diverse suppliers in whatever space they may be certified in.

With those external partners, we have sponsorships and we provide scholarship dollars to help pay for certifications for diverse suppliers so they can continue to bid on opportunities and contracts, not just here at American Family, but within other corporations growing their businesses.

SEIDY DOMINGUEZ WONG: Diversity is very important to make sure we build communities and bring people together.


Supplier Diversity Program

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Program Purpose

Our purpose and mission is to engage community, customers and employees to foster an inclusive mindset that extends to our diverse supplier community. We want to inspire diverse suppliers to pursue their dreams with confidence while forming strategic partnerships within the American Family Enterprise. We recognize and support the following suppliers as diverse suppliers: Disabled, Minority, Women, LGBT+ and Veteran Owned.

Our goal for 2023 is to increase our Supplier Diversity spend by 5%. To help us reach our goal, please register as a diverse supplier.

Learn more about Sourcing and Procurement (S&P) at American Family Insurance.
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American Family Insurance will provide the following opportunities within our program:
  • Executive Mentorship Program
  • Scholarships and Business development opportunities
  • Supplier Networking Events
  • Training & Workshops
  • Invest in community with Capital Investment Funding
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2023 Events

  • WBENC Conference – March
  • DisabilityIn Global Conference & Expo – July
  • NGLCC Conference – August
  • The Business Council 24th Annual Strategic Partnership Luncheon – August
  • WBDC 2023 Midwest Business Conference – September
  • NMSDC Conference – October
  • NVBDC National Matchmaking Conference – November
  • NGLCC Unity Week – November
  • Market Place WI | Diverse Business Development Conference – December
Check back for additional events throughout the year.

Contact Us

Have questions or concerns? Contact Anisha Jackson, our supplier diversity manager at: anisha.jackson.1@amfam.com

Spending & Initiatives

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Tier II Reporting

Please report your Tier II spend through our reporting tool. If you have any questions on how to login or navigate the site, please contact support@supplier.io.
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The Champions Initiative

The American Family Insurance Champions Initiative offers the unique opportunity to leverage our team of champion advisors to help your diverse-owned business tackle its challenges. This one-year program is customized to your business and will position you to become ‘contract ready’ for strategic partnerships with the American Family Insurance Enterprise and the broader business community. If you would like to participate in the Champions Initiative, download the Job-Aid to assist you with the registration process in Supplier.io.
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A Word From Our Chief Executive Officer & Enterprise President

“At its core, the idea of the ‘American Dream’ is the opportunity to pursue a better, more fulfilling life – regardless of race, sexual identity or gender – according to our own unique talents and ambition. We consider this ability to pursue a dream a human right.

That’s why, at American Family Insurance, our mission is to inspire, protect and restore dreams. And this mission includes creating opportunity, social equity, financial mobility and hope within our communities.

Our inclusive approach requires strong partnerships with other businesses, too. We believe it’s important to inspire our diverse-supplier community to pursue their dreams because it’s good for our customers, good for our communities – and good for our business.

We’re ready to partner with more diverse suppliers that share these same ideals and want to join us in this work.”

– Bill Westrate

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