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Retail Business Insurance

Your evolving retail business dreams deserve support and protection. Learn more about building a retail business insurance policy designed just for you.

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Insurance for Your Retail Business

We understand that your retail business is so much more than your job. It’s your livelihood and the dream you work hard for every day. So, whether you run a neighborhood shop, online store or own an expansive showroom, you deserve consistent, caring support and customized protection that evolves with you.

At American Family Insurance, our agents are small business owners themselves. They know how to design coverage to meet the unique needs of your business and can help you maximize savings, too. Remember to reach out to your agent and request a quote as you’re considering your retail store insurance options.

SPEAKER: Whether your business has a single office or storefront or spans multiple locations, it's important to protect what you've worked so hard for.

Insurance policies for your business are an important part of your financial protection.

At American Family Insurance, our agents can help you customize coverage for your unique business needs and set you up to manage your policy online 24/7, including easy access to your certificates of insurance.

Just click and print whenever you need it.

With business insurance, you can be covered for more than just loss of equipment or damage to your place of work.

By adding just the right mix of coverages for your specific needs to your policy, we can help you protect your bottom line in many ways, from employer liability to medical expense coverage and even protection in case of dishonest employees.

As an example, let's say one of your office printers short circuits and causes a fire.

Your business insurance can help pay for the damages and help you get your business back on track.

So just how much coverage do you need?

It might be more than you think.

Think about the cost of rebuilding your business-- replacing your equipment or covering expenses for you or your employees.

Ready to get the perfect policies to help protect your business against the unexpected?

Reach out to an American Family Insurance agent or visit us online at AmFam.com to get your personalized quote.

Support for Your Business

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Loss Control

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Retail Business Insurance Coverages*

No two retail businesses are the same, which is why building a retail business policy to fit your growing dream is so important. Take a look at some common coverages that business owners choose from American Family Insurance. Not sure what coverages are right for you? Your American Family agent is read to help you make a smart decision.

Building and business personal property

If your building or its contents are damaged, our property coverages help you get things repaired and rebuilt as quickly as possible.

Business income and extra expenses

Should an accident force you to close your doors for a while, this coverage will reimburse you for lost income and extra expenses that you might incur during that period.

Important business documentation coverage

Whether printed or electronic, keeping track of your documents help your business run smoothly. We provide coverages that help repair, replace and restore your accounts receivable, electronic data and valuable papers.

Business liability coverages

Accidents happen. Liability coverage makes sure you’re protected from bodily injury, property damage and personal injury expenses that might arise from the operations of your retail business.

Cyber liability coverage

Although you’ve taken steps to improve the security of your online presence, your business may be exposed to online liabilities and other risks. Reach out to your agent to learn about this important coverage.

Commercial umbrella insurance

This policy provides additional protection on top of your primary general liability coverage, to give you extra security against legal and financial accidents that could sidetrack your retail business dream.

These summaries represent only a brief description of select coverages. Coverage features and limits vary by state. Some products are not available in every state. Talk to your American Family Insurance agent who can explain what options are smartest for protecting your unique dreams.

How Much Does Retail Business Insurance Cost?

Business insurance costs can vary depending on the size and complexity of your business, and where your business is located. We'll consider your credit rating, the value of your business assets, and the overall worth of your business to build a coverage program that provides you with great protection.

Get Insurance for Your Retail Business With American Family

While you’re considering your retail business insurance needs, be sure to get in touch with your American Family Insurance agent for a quote. They’ll help you craft an easy-to-understand policy so you can focus on your thriving business.