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Condo association policies typically cover condo properties, exteriors and common areas. But condo unit-owner policies cover things they don't.
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What does condo insurance cover?

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    Personal Property — Coverage for Your Things
    Property coverage protects your unit and possessions from damage or loss caused by fire, theft and power surges.** It helps cover items such as clothing, furniture, electronics and appliances you own.
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    Loss of Use Coverage — Coverage for Living Expenses
    Temporary living expense coverage helps if a covered loss damages your condo and you can’t live in it while repairs are made. It helps cover additional costs such as a hotel and other living expenses, like food.
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    Dwelling Coverage — Coverage for Your Home
    Condo associations are typically responsible for insuring common areas, such as the building exterior. But as a condo owner, you may be responsible for permanent features of your unit, such as flooring, cabinetry and built-ins.
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    Personal Liability — Coverage for Accidents
    As a condo owner, you can be held liable for visitors' injuries that occur in your home. A condo policy helps provide financial protection for covered liability claims and lawsuits brought by others for accidental bodily injury. It also helps cover damage to their property caused by you, your children or pets.
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    Extra Coverage for Your Possessions
    Your personal property coverage has limits. To fully protect your important possessions, such as wedding rings and heirlooms, you can increase your policy limits by itemizing your belongings. This coverage also protects against more risks, such as accidentally losing your jewelry.
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    If Your Condo Has a Basement with a Sump Pump
    A sump pump removes excess water around your home’s foundation. If your condo has a basement and the sump pump fails or the power goes out, water overflow may occur. Sump pump failure and water backup coverage helps protect you from resulting losses.
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    Hidden Water Damage Coverage
    Get coverage for water damage caused by hidden leaks within walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, or behind or under a home appliance. It also covers water damage from wear and tear, deterioration, corrosion and rust.***
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    Diminishing Deductible
    Our Diminishing Deductible coverage rewards you for being a responsible homeowner by crediting your deductible $100 each year, up to your policy maximum.† It's a great way to help control what you pay for your condo insurance.

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