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Home and Auto Insurance Bundle

Bundling home and auto insurance policies can provide convenience and may help you save money.

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Home and Auto Insurance Bundle

Bundling insurance is when you buy multiple policies from the same insurer. For example, if you buy your auto and home insurance from American Family Insurance, you're bundling your policies.

Some home and auto insurance bundle benefits may include simplified policy management and premium discounts. You can also bundle other policy types, such as auto and renters insurance. Learn more about optimizing your insurance policies below.

Save Money on Insurance Premiums

Bundling your car and home insurance could save you up to 23% on both policies together.*

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Home and Auto Insurance Bundle Benefits

Bundling Discounts

You may be eligible for an insurance premium discount when you bundle two or more qualifying policies with us. Whether you have a home, auto, RV or ATV, we may be able to help you protect your belongings under one roof for less.

Convenient Policy Management

Combining your home and auto insurance may help simplify your policy management. Bundling means less juggling of due dates and invoices. It may also help you avoid working with multiple agents and the need to remember different login details for each policy.

When you sign up for MyAccount online and download the MyAmFam app, you can manage your policies in one location. That means simplified access to your premium payments, claims and coverage details.

Simplified Claims

Should the unexpected happen and you need to file a claim, our claims department is here for you 24/7 to help you get your life back on track.

Dedicated Agent Support

The more policies you bundle with American Family Insurance, the more your agent may be able to help you identify your coverage needs. For example, they could spot insurance gaps or coverages you don't need and make recommendations to help you better protect your family, home and belongings for less.

More Home and Auto Insurance Bundle Savings

You may also be able to add our other multi-policy discounts to your home and auto insurance bundle savings. Speak with your American Family Insurance agent to find out how much you can save.

Other Insurance Bundling Options

Here are more ways you may be able to bundle your insurance policies and save:

The same goes with your renterscondoboat, manufactured homeATV and/or umbrella policies. The more you let American Family Insurance help you protect, the more you may be able to save.**

What to Check Before You Bundle Insurance

Here are a few things to consider before you bundle your homeowners and car insurance policies:

  • Ensure that your bundle meets or exceeds your previous or current policy and doesn’t leave gaps in your coverage.
  • Ask your agent about your deductibles before committing to a bundle. Doing so may help ensure you don't end up paying more for your deductible when filing a claim.
  • Watch out for temporary discounts that could leave you paying large premiums later on.

Combining your home and auto insurance with American Family Insurance comes with perks:

Connect with your American Family Insurance agent to make sure you’re getting the best coverage with the best discounts and savings.

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How to Bundle Home and Auto Insurance

Ready to enjoy the benefits of bundling your auto and home insurance? Get in touch with one of our agents — they’ll walk you through everything you need to know. Live and drive with the peace of mind that comes with American Family Insurance coverage.

Not a part of American Family Insurance yet? Get a bundled insurance quote and join us today.