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Roof Damage Coverage

Home Insurance Add-On

  • Roof replacement cost coverage helps pay for damage from wind, hail and other unexpected covered events
  • Receive payment for the roof’s actual cash value (ACV), or upgrade your policy to replacement cost value (RCV)

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What’s covered under replacement roof insurance coverage?

American Family Insurance’s base home policy provides ACV coverage for roofs. With this optional insurance, you can add RCV coverage for repairing windstorm and hail damage or full roof replacement.

Narrator: When it comes to homeowners insurance, equipping your roof with the right insurance coverage can help you avoid costly damage. So before your roof is hit with windstorm or hail damage, make sure you understand your roof coverage. Let's take a look at your options.

There are two types of coverages available for roof replacement—replacement cost value, RCV, and actual cash value, ACV.

On screen:

  • RCV (Replacement Cost Value)
  • ACV (Actual Cash Value)

Narrator: Replacement cost value is the amount it would cost to replace your roof today, meaning we will reimburse you for the full amount to repair or replace your roof, minus your deductible.

If your roof is eligible based on age and type, you can opt to have roof replacement cost value coverage for wind storm and hail damage.

On screen: RCV (Replacement Cost Value)

Full Reimbursement, Minus Deductible

Narrator: Actual cash value is what your roof is worth today, taking in consideration things like its age, condition, and type of roofing material. So what does ACV mean for you?

On screen: ACV (Actual Cash Value)

Narrator: Most likely a gap will exist between what it costs to repair or replace your roof versus the amount your insurance company will actually compensate you for after a covered loss. The result-- money out of your own pocket.

That's why considering RCV coverage for wind storm and hail damage is a smart decision. This coverage ensures you'll be adequately covered, and that gap won't exist if you file a claim.

On screen: RCV (Replacement Cost Value)

Narrator: Remember, if your roof is well-maintained, you'll typically have RCV coverage for damages caused by most other covered losses such as fire, fallen trees, leaks, and ice dams.

On screen:

  • Fire
  • Fallen Trees
  • Leaks
  • Ice Dams

Narrator: Have questions about your roof coverage? Contact your American Family Insurance agent for more information.

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How Homeowners Roof Coverage Helps

Just as a roof should protect everything under it, roof insurance coverage should protect the roof itself. Here are three examples of situations where it could prove helpful.
Did you know?
“Do you live in an earthquake-prone area? Even small tremors can damage your roof, and only earthquake insurance could cover it.” 


Your roof can brush off a few hailstones, but repeated strikes can weaken the exterior or even create holes. Roof damage coverage can help pay for repairs that reinforce your roof, or even roof replacement if needed. 

Wind Damage

High-speed gusts can damage the shingles on your roof. The flashing is also vulnerable. Then there’s the possibility of airborne debris causing structural damage to your roof. The costs associated with this type of damage can be high, and replacement cost roof damage coverage can help.**

Unexpected Fires

A lightning strike sets your roof ablaze. Severe damage from an unexpected fire is the kind of crisis that this coverage is meant to help resolve. You'd need all the help you can get for a cost as expensive as replacing an entire roof. 
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