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Service Line Coverage for Homeowners

Home Insurance Add-On

  • Helps pay to fix damaged underground service lines
  • Insure sewer pipes, water lines and power lines

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What does service line insurance cover?

Service lines bring water and power to homes, and they can take sewage away. Service line insurance is an optional coverage that helps pay for repairs and replacement.
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How Service Line Coverage Protects You

Maintaining service lines isn’t just a homeowner’s responsibility. It’s key to keeping your home habitable. Here are some potential situations where having service line coverage could help.
Did you know?
A majority of Americans don’t know that homeowners are responsible for service lines on their property.** This optional coverage can help you be prepared.
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Frost Heave and Line Freezing

Rainwater collected in soil can freeze in icy weather. This event can shift the ground, causing sewer lines to “heave” upwards and possibly become damaged. Sewer line insurance can cover repairs for these types of extreme weather conditions.

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Corrosion and Rust

Over time, iron and steel-based sewer lines can oxidize and corrode. Small holes develop and fluid can leak out, further damaging the pipe. The standard service line policy may cover these cases.

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Root and Tree Invasion

Active leaks in sewer lines may attract nearby tree roots. Outgrowths can infiltrate tiny crevices in pipes, then crack them as they grow and expand. The standard service line policy may help with sealing these entry points.

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