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Vacation and Second Home Insurance Coverage

Home Insurance Add-On

Protect your second or vacation home from damages caused by natural disasters, theft and liability claims.

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What is vacation and second home coverage?

A second-home insurance policy is similar to your primary homeowners insurance. It helps protect your vacation home's structure and contents from covered events up to your policy's limits.
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How Second Home Coverage Helps You

Second home insurance helps protect you from unexpected losses. Learn more from the following examples.
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We offer temporary rental-to-others coverage if you rent your home for 62 days or less a year.
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Environmental Dangers

There are many natural disasters that can threaten your vacation home. This includes wildfires, lightning, tornadoes and more. Also, your vacation home's location may make it more vulnerable to natural disasters. Ask a local agent about what kinds of natural disasters you may need protection from based on your area.
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Potential Guest Issues

Just like your primary home insurance, a secondary home policy may also include some liability insurance. It can help protect you from liability claims and lawsuits filed against you if someone gets hurt on your property. Check your liability limits with your agent.
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Longer Vacancy Times

Because vacation homes are not your primary home, they are often unoccupied for part of the year. Some hazards like leaks, fires, vandalism and theft can go undetected. A secondary home insurance policy helps covers your vacation home's structure and contents up to your policy limits.
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Increased Risk of Theft

There is an increased risk of theft in unoccupied houses. Having a second homeowners insurance policy helps covers your belongings, up to your policy limits.
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Optional Itemized Personal Property Protection

Itemized Personal property insurance helps you protect your belongings by adding an extra layer of protection. If a covered event damages your valuables, this coverage can help you repair or replace them by increasing the amount or coverage & breadth of coverage. Talk to your agent about itemized personal property coverage to get more protection.
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Optional Hidden Water Damage Coverage***

Water damage can be expensive to repair. A standard vacation or second home policy doesn’t protect you from hidden water damage. Our optional hidden water damage coverage gives you extra protection against the unexpected.
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