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DreamSecure Children’s Whole Life Insurance

Life Insurance Policy

  • Secure lifelong coverage for your child
  • Financial protection that builds cash value over time

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What is whole life insurance for children?

Our DreamSecure Children’s Whole Life Insurance gives your kids or grandkids long-term protection. It helps provide financial protection even if their health changes. It also builds cash value and can provide more coverage at certain times in the future.*
Did you know?
Some factors that affect the cost of life insurance are age, medical history and health. That’s why securing a life insurance policy for your children can be so beneficial.

The Benefits of Whole Life Insurance for Children

DreamSecure Children’s Whole Life Insurance can help replace lost income, giving your family time to grieve an unexpected loss. Learn how a policy can help protect your loved ones and give you peace of mind.
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Long-Term Protection with Payment Options

The cost of life insurance typically increases with age. Buying a children's life insurance policy lets you lock in protection with 10- and 20-year payment plans.**

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Security of Future Insurability

Even if they become ill later in life, the Guaranteed Purchase Option benefit gives the owner the ability to buy additional life insurance at certain ages and life events in the future.*

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Cash Value That Grows

A children's whole life insurance policy builds cash value over time. The earlier you start, the sooner it accumulates cash value.

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Protection for Their Future

Buying whole life insurance for children or grandchildren is an excellent way to set them up for success. One day, they might have a family of their own. A children's life insurance policy can also help them financially protect their families.

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Three Levels of Coverage

Multiple coverage options make DreamSecure Children’s Whole Life Insurance more budget friendly. Select the death benefit amount of $25,000; $50,000; or $75,000 with a 10- or 20-year payment plan.**

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