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How to Block Out the Naysayers

Updated February 5, 2022 . AmFam Team

Supermodel turned entrepreneur and American Family Insurance Brand Ambassador, Kathy Ireland, shares her top tips for blocking out the naysayers while pursuing your dream of starting your own business.

Whether your dream is to start your own business, change career paths or become a community leader, you deserve to feel confident in pursuing your dreams fearlessly.

But you might hear negative comments from “naysayers,” the people who are critical, skeptical or cynical about your dream and success you might achieve. These negative thoughts have the potential to bring you down far enough to even derail your dreams — but only if you let them.

Take it from supermodel turned super mogul Kathy Ireland, a brand ambassador for American Family Insurance. At the peak of her modeling career, Kathy wanted to follow her other passion: entrepreneurship. You can imagine what the naysayers had to say when she pivoted from front cover magazine spots to launching a branded sock company. What do the doubters have to say now? We’ll let Kathy tell you herself:

By following these tips, you can learn to ignore the naysayers in your life — and achieve your greatest dreams. And when in doubt, remember the words of model-turned-mogul Kathy Ireland. “If you're consumed with self-doubt or worry about the success of your business, we're here to tell you to just keep going. You've got this.”

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