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Bring Your DIY Dreams to Life

Updated April 4, 2022 . AmFam Team

From re-finishing an old bookshelf to creating your own wall décor, we’ve all got DIY aspirations — and the skills to achieve them! Check out these tips from DIY master Heidi LeHew and get one step closer to making your artistic dreams reality.

Be it re-finishing an old bookshelf or creating a simple plaque as wall decor, we’ve all had DIY aspirations, but few of us actually act on them. Instead, we load up our Pinterest boards with new ideas and inspiring projects we could do…if only we knew where to start.

DIY master and all around inspiring individual Heidi LeHew has provided some insight on her crafty lifestyle and advice on how we can devote ourselves to our artistic ambitions.

Heidi is the owner and founder of ReKindled (Opens in a new tab), a quirky small business located in Madison, Wisconsin that focuses on breathing new life into old furniture and home décor pieces. She has a passion for giving inspiration and encouragement to others looking to join the DIY movement, and her advice is the perfect motivation to do just that!

Her inspiration and style has come from working on projects with her mother as a kid, and honing in on her dad’s impressive carpentry skills. Heidi’s learned passion has blossomed over the years, but it hasn’t always been a career.

“When I first started creating things, it was totally a hobby,” she says. “Slowly, I started taking on larger and larger projects for friends and family and realized I was pretty good at it! As I continue to get better at my craft, I gain strength and energy from the reactions I get when something is purchased or delivered.”

You may not be a crafting pro like Heidi just yet, but here is some guidance from the DIY Queen herself on how you can get there:

Just dive in! “I believe most people are overwhelmed and a bit afraid, so they quit before they even start. Trying new things can be intimidating, I totally get that. But the funny thing is I have never worked with anyone on a project who wasn’t able to complete it!” Half the battle is in beginning.

Do your research. Sometimes it helps to have more of a solid plan on how you’re going to execute your first project. “Do your own research on things like techniques, materials, finishes, paints or other items you may need to work with,” she says. “Sites like Pinterest are a great place to start to find project information as well as the blogs or websites behind them.”

Embrace your mistakes. Messing up on a detail of a project can be frustrating enough to stop your progress, but it’s just part of the process! “You’ll make mistakes along the way, but that’s okay. Just roll with it!”

Finish what you start. “The best part of DIY? Feeling accomplished once you complete something. Don’t let your fears of failure or not making it perfect hold you back from the chance that maybe, just maybe, your project will turn out great!”

“Deep inside most of us is a desire to create,” says Heidi. “There is something very therapeutic about taking a pile of ‘stuff’ and turning it into something useful or beautiful.” So embrace your new-found interests and dive in! It’s time to tackle those DIY dreams, even if it's just figuring out how to create a space that reflects your personality.

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