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Celebrating Diversity: What Makes You a Part of us

Your ideas, your background, and your experience make a difference. They’re vital to our company’s success. We deliver diversified and innovative insurance solutions by keeping up with the ever-changing demands of our customers. We understand that we can only do this with a diverse workforce.

Promoting the Power of Diversity

American Family Insurance's Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are helping the company bring diverse perspectives forward. The BRGs include employees from many locations who represent a variety of divisions, job levels and generations.

I believe that actually every person could be considered diverse so that's what it means to me in the workplace diversity of American family is important because our customers are diverse everybody has different needs and you know we're in in multiple states it's important to make sure that we tailor our products and our services based on a diverse customer base to be able to tackle creatively the problems that our customers face I think requires many different perspectives to come together one of our core components to our diversity efforts are our BR GS which are business resource groups and those groups are full of very talented employees of different backgrounds and I believe those groups are central to our diversity and inclusion strategy moving forward we also have marketing efforts that show that we are celebrating dreams of all people we're also poised because we are looking at different trends throughout the nation and we want to be sure that we are supporting those organizations and companies and making strategic partnerships with those who also support our values and most of all with our leadership is committed to diversity and that's central to any company or business and with that support we'll be able to do anything for those considering a career at American family I believe this is a very exciting time for us we're not looking at it traditionally we are looking to transition to the type we're living in right now and whenever there's a company that wants to learn wants to grow and do better I'm confident that we will and this is a place where people will want to be

Helping Provide the Right Solution

The primary purpose of the BRGs is to provide perspective and input into company initiatives for the benefit of our customers, our company and the communities we serve. They champion diversity and their perspectives often help provide the right solution for a business problem or need. Our BRGs are:

AAPI BRG · Abilities BRG · Black/African American BRG · Caregiving BRG · Hispanic/Latinx BRG · LGBTQ+ BRG · Multicultural BRG · Multigenerational BRG · Veteran/Military BRG · Women’s BRG

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Supplier Diversity Program

At American Family we’ve committed to partnering with Diverse Business Enterprises to inspire our diverse suppliers to pursue their dreams with confidence while forming strategic partnerships within the American Family Enterprise.

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