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Our Culture. Our Values.

We Value Our Employees as Much as Our Customers

Dedicated to Giving Our Best

We believe that how we treat one another is just as important as what we deliver to our customers. Everyone — be it an employee or a policyholder — deserves our best. We’re able to give you our best by adhering to six primary values:


Accountable: Ownership, Urgency, Excellence

We are all leaders of a high performing business delivering unparalleled customer solutions.


Caring: Respectful, Empathetic, Collaborative

We embrace the power of teamwork and our partnerships across the enterprise and our communities.


Courageous: Agile, Resilient, Driven

We are focused and passionate in driving the actions that will move our business forward.

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Inclusive: Advocate, Accept, Belong

We encourage and embrace the power of diverse ideas formed through unique experiences and backgrounds.


Innovative: Entrepreneurial, Risk Taking, Empowered

We are all leaders of a high performing business delivering unparalleled customer solutions.


Trustworthy: Transparent, Authentic, Ethical

We operate with integrity in all that we do.

Join More Than a Company

We’re looking for those who care about helping us move forward. Those who embrace challenges and accept change, and work hard to improve the lives of others. It’s our mission to inspire, protect and restore dreams. This is more than a company full of people, it’s a team of dedicated dream champions.

Dreams a means purpose and having a vision that is uninhibited I think dreams are important because they're to me at least a dream is what keeps me going I think dreams are so important because they are the core source of happiness within a person's life they embody almost an identity of a person you are in many ways what you dream about in this way dreams define us when you actually achieve your dream it just makes that sense of accomplishment amazing and it just keeps you wanting to achieve more greatness in your life so America family's mission is to protect and restore the dreams of its consumers by aligning everything that we do around our customers dreams we are fulfilling their most critical foundational theories we help them identify pursue and restore the things that bring the most immediate to their life to inspire protect and restore our dreams you have to be customer driven those dreams need to be understood and that can only be understood by meeting with the customer developing relationships to make sure that we're not just looking at them as a home into autos making sure we're protecting the things that make them unique things that they really hold dear I think I'm always pursuing dreams I I don't think that I put dreams as a priority before I was at American family so one of the ways that American family supports employees and achieving their dreams to me the biggest one is the work/life balance at America family we work hard but at the same time American family understands that it's its employees need time off and you need that balance in order to be able to pursue their dreams outside for you I think American family for me has given me a platform to dream again and it's also given me the tools needed to achieve those dreams to say that I love waking up every morning and coming to American family because I've got the support of my company to go after my dreams and the motivation behind me to say go out there and get a dream and accomplish it is something that's really rewarding and I have never you know experienced it at any other company you

Making the Culture a Reality

American Family believes it’s important to foster a culture where ethical behavior is a priority. To make our desired culture a reality, we have a continued focus on ensuring our employees feel empowered to create collaborative, trust-based relationships.

For specifics on how we live our values and what we expect of our employees, read the Enterprise Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, and for agents and their staff, the American Family Agent and Agents’ Staff Code of Conduct and Business Ethics.