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Sailboat Insurance

  • Customizable coverage for you, your sailboat and your belongings
  • Protection for your sailboat on land and water
  • Added coverages for your boat, equipment and liability for greater peace of mind

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What is sailboat coverage?

Sailboat insurance delivers peace of mind while using, transporting or storing your boat. It helps protect you, your vessel and your belongings on land and water.
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How Sailboat Insurance Protects You

Our sailboat insurance helps you pay for covered losses such as theft, liability claims and physical damage. Learn more from the following examples.

Did you know?

We provide several ways for you to save on your sailboat insurance. Learn more by checking out our boat insurance discounts.
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Your Sailboat Is Damaged

You dock your sailboat during a windstorm, and it sinks in the middle of the night. The physical damage portion of your sailboat insurance can help you repair or replace your damaged vessel.*
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A Passenger Is Injured

One of your guests slips and sprains their ankle while showing off their new dance move. The liability portion of your sailboat insurance can help protect you if you’re found liable for their injuries.*
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Your Gear Falls Overboard

A quick jolt from a wave sends your new safety gear overboard. Worse, it’s gone before you even get a chance to fish it out of the water. The watercraft equipment coverage portion of your sailboat insurance can help you replace the lost items.*
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