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How to Connect Your MilesMyWay Sensor

You’ve signed up, received your sensor(s) and now you’re ready to start earning savings with the MilesMyWay program — great!

First things first: It’s important that you download the MyAmFamDrive app on your phone and connect your sensor(s) to the app so you can start earning your savings. You will not be able to earn any savings until you complete these essential steps.

Follow these step-by-step instructions and you’ll be on your way to savings in no time!

MilesMyWay Sensor Setup

Before you start connecting your sensor(s), you’ll want to make sure to take care of these two things:

  • Download the MyAmFamDrive app and
  • Ensure your Bluetooth is enabled on your phone

You should have received an invitation via text message to download the MyAmFamDrive app. If not, download the app now:

Get it on Google PlayDownload on the Apple Store

Now you’re ready to connect the sensors.

Step 1

Open the MyAmFamDrive app and tap on the message at the top of the screen that says One or more unlinked vehicles.

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Step 2

Tap ‘Link Sensor’ for the vehicle you will place the sensor in. If you have multiple vehicles enrolled in MilesMyWay you will need to complete this process for each sensor/vehicle combination.

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Step 3

Follow the instructions until your phone recognizes the MilesMyWay sensor. A pop up will ask you to ‘Confirm’ that the sensor light is now blinking.

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Step 4

That’s it! If you’ve connected your sensor correctly you’ll see a Sensor ID associated to the vehicle. You can verify this by tapping the ‘Vehicles’ link on the confirmation screen or accessing ‘Vehicles and Sensors’ from the ‘More’ tab.

Remember, if you have multiple vehicles enrolled in MilesMyWay you will need to complete this process for each sensor/vehicle combination.

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graphical user interface, applicationWhere Should You Install the Sensor in Your Vehicle?

Your final step is to install the sensor inside your vehicle. We recommend sticking the sensor to the inside of your windshield, in a location where your view will not be obstructed — for many vehicles, this may be on the driver’s side, in the lower corner of the windshield near your dash or up at the top of your windshield near your rearview mirror.

You can choose another solid surface inside your vehicle if that location would work better for you. Just peel off the strips on the back of your sensor and press firmly in your chosen spot!

Here’s a refresher on how MilesMyWay helps you take more control of what you pay for insurance.

Still Having Trouble Connecting?

We can help:

  • Contact your local agent for assistance
  • Call us at 1-800-692-6326, ext. 71225
  • E-mail us at milesmyway@amfam.com

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