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Usage-Based Programs Overview

  • Personalize your auto rate
  • Discounted premiums*
  • Tips to help you choose the right program to fit your needs
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What is Usage-Based Insurance?

Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) is a type of auto insurance that uses technology to customize the cost of your policy. Data collected is used to calculate your insurance premium. This could save you money. You can choose a program that helps you pay based on how you drive or one that lets you pay as you drive.

When it comes to your auto insurance, you should be behind the wheel.

Good news!

Your safe driving behaviors can put you there and even save you money.


With usage-based insurance which is sometimes called UBI.

Usage-based insurance gives you more control over what you pay for car insurance because you pay how you drive.

This means the safer you drive, the more you can save.

You'll also help keep the roads safer at the same time.

It's a win-win.

How do you get started with usage-based insurance?

For many UBI programs, you can start the enrollment process by contacting your insurance agent.

Next, many programs require you to install an app on your smartphone, although some programs may require installing a separate tracking device in your vehicle.

Then, start driving and showing off your safe driving skills.

It's that easy.

What kind of behaviors do most usage-based insurance programs track?

Common ones include speed, braking, acceleration, cell phone use, and time spent driving.

Many apps will show you how your safe driving behaviors contribute to your savings, and some even offer tips to help you potentially save even more.

The last step, enjoy your savings.

Depending on how safely you drive over the monitoring period you may qualify for savings on your auto insurance.

Overall, usage-based programs can help you become a smarter, safer driver keep the roads safer for everyone, practice distraction-free driving and earn savings on your insurance.

Ready to get started?

Great news!

American Family Insurance offers usage-based insurance programs designed to help you save.

When you enroll in one of American Family's usage-based programs, you can earn savings on your auto insurance based on your safe driving behaviors.

Practice safe driving habits and you'll have the opportunity to save even more on your insurance.

Contact an American Family insurance agent today to see how a usage-based insurance can make you a safer, smarter driver and even save you money.

American Family Insurance

Best For:

  • Drivers who want to personalize their car insurance costs based on how and where they drive
  • Drivers who would like to only pay for their fair share based on either their driving behavior or mileage driven
  • Drivers who are comfortable using technology to gain knowledge about their driving habits using either a mobile app or device in their car

Compare DriveMyWay vs MilesMyWay

American Family Insurance offers two usage-based driving programs, giving you more control to help you only pay your fair share.




A Good Choice For:
Drivers who want to control what they pay based on their safe driving habits.
Low-mileage drivers who travel less than 8,000 miles per year and want to benefit from lower costs based on the miles they drive. The fewer miles you drive the more you save.
Sign up when you quote and buy insurance online or contact your local agent to enroll in the program.
Contact your local agent to enroll in the program.
Set Up
Download and register the MyAmFamDrive app. Then start driving — and show off your safe driving skills.
Once enrolled we’ll send you a small sensor that goes inside your car — no plug-in required. Then download the free MyAmFamDrive app and register your account.
Possible Savings
Up to a 10% introductory discount on your car insurance.** Based on safe driving behavior most customers actively enrolled in the program will save between 5% and 20%.**  Please note that higher-risk drivers may see their rate increase. In addition, other factors — like inflation or changes in state regulation — may also affect your rate, causing it to go up or down.  
For the first two months of your enrollment you will receive an introductory 5% savings for your enrolled vehicle.*** After that, savings are determined on how many miles you drive your car. The less you drive, the more you can save with savings up to 25% for each enrolled car each month.*** 

Pick Your Program

Or call us at 1-800-MYAMFAM to get a quote and begin controlling what you pay.
DriveMyWay Mobile App


A pay-how-you-drive program that personalizes your auto insurance rate based on your safe driving behaviors.
MilesMyWay Mobile App


A pay-as-you-drive program for low-mileage drivers. The fewer miles you drive the more you save.