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Energy Efficiency

From smart thermostats that intuitively control the temperature of your home to lights that are controlled by your smartphone, find out all the ways smart technology can make your home safer and more energy efficient.

Nest Thermostat. Control your home’s climate no matter where you are from your smartphone, laptop or tablet — or not. Because this smart device has an intuitive design that modifies the temp when you leave your home, and knows how to adjust to keep you comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. The best part? The Nest Thermostat saves on energy. And that means you save money.

Smart Lights. With fully automated lighting systems, you can remotely control all the lights in your home — and it doesn’t have to take a ton of modifications or expensive bulbs to do so. Monitor your energy consumption using a connected smartphone app, and watch your energy bills drop.

Smart outlets. An internet-enabled electrical outlet, plug and power strips are great ways to shave some money off your electric bills. You can turn lamps and other plugged-in devices on and off remotely. You can also set timers so the outlet adapts to your usage habits — which monitors your power consumption and in turn saves energy (and money).

Make Smart Choices, Save More Money

When you make the smart decision to equip your home with smart technology, we think that’s worth rewarding. If you have a smart home device like a Nest Thermostat, you could qualify for a discount of up to 5% on your policy! See how you can save with our smart home discount.

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Narrator: Are you looking for ways to save money at home? Lowering your energy consumption with smart home devices is a great place to start, and it's not as complicated as you think.

Narrator: The most common devices among homeowners are smart thermostats like Nest. These allow you to monitor your home's climate remotely and can even automatically adjust the temperature of your home depending on the time of day, leading to big energy savings.

On screen: Big Energy Savings

Narrator: Looking to take energy efficiency to the next level?

On screen: Looking to take energy efficiency to the next level?

Narrator: Consider adding a fully automated lighting system, or smart controlled window blinds. And, install smart outlets with timers that will help them adapt to your usage habits. By using a connected smartphone app for all these devices, you can monitor your energy consumption and watch your bills drop.

Narrator: And at American Family Insurance we’ll reward you when you make the decision to equip your home with smart technology. In fact if you install a qualifying system or device, you could save even more on your homeowners policy.

On screen: Save On Your Homeowners Policy With Qualified Systems or Devices

Narrator: To learn more about smart home technology, contact your agent. We're here to help you protect what matters most.

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Get In-Home Tech Support with HelloTech

We’ve partnered with HelloTech to make smart home technology a lot less complicated! They’ll help you install, connect & troubleshoot your devices, so you feel empowered to protect what matters most.