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Security and Safety for Your Home

Nowadays, home security is more than a motion sensor on the garage door — instead it’s a motion sensor on your garage door that sends notifications to your smartphone!

Smart home security systems are more secure, useful and convenient than ever before, and they keep getting better. We’ve highlighted some home security devices to get you in the know on ways you can proactively protect your home.

Benefits of Smart Home Security Systems

Peace of mind. One of the best benefits of smart home security? It’ll help give you a sense of security — you’ll sleep easier at night knowing you’re taking proactive steps to keep you and your family safe.

Simple to use. Since many smart home security systems are wireless, they make owning them that much simpler and intuitive. From easy installation to being able to control and monitor everything from your smartphone, you’ll stay aware and protected with as little hassle as possible.

Connected on the go. Do you travel often? Going on vacation? Or simply just want peace of mind when you head to work for the day? Smart home security systems are connected to your phone, giving you access no matter where you are. Forget to arm the system? No problem — you can do it from your phone. And your smartphone will also notify you of any break-ins or activity.

Video surveillance. Most smart theft systems come with a video camera that can also be monitored from your phone — giving you 24/7 connection to your home.


Your home plays a big role in your life.

So, take every step possible to protect it and consider installing a smart home security system.

They're more secure, useful and convenient than ever before.

Plus, making the smart decision to equip your home with smart technology can help you should

the unexpected happen – by helping you catch issues early, which may even help you save money in the long run.

Not sure where to start?

Consider installing a video doorbell.

It allows you to see and speak to visitors without opening the door.

Not at home?

Answer your door from anywhere by connecting live video surveillance to your smartphone.

For more complete protection, an integrated smart home security system may be a great option.

Many systems are completely wireless, easy to install, professionally monitored and protect

against things like break-ins, fire and water damage.

Not to mention, most offer smartphone apps that make it easier than ever for you to stay connected on the go.

To learn more about smart home technology, contact your agent.

They're here to help you protect what matters most.

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Stay Safe and Secure with Our Favorite Smart Devices

American Family Insurance is dedicated to helping you protect what matters most. So whether it’s educating you about homeowners insurance or informing you of proactive ways to keep your home safe — we’re here for you.

Make Smart Choices, Save More Money

When you make the smart decision to equip your home with smart technology, we think that’s worth rewarding. If you have a smart home device like a smart home security system, you could qualify for a discount on your policy!* See how you can save with our smart home discount.

Make sure you're properly protected from the unexpected by connecting with an American Family Insurance agent — they'll help get you the protection you need.

Get In-Home Tech Support with HelloTech

We’ve partnered with HelloTech to make smart home technology a lot less complicated! They’ll help you install, connect & troubleshoot your devices, so you feel empowered to protect what matters most.