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Meet Steve Stricker

Steven Charles Stricker, or as some may know him as Strick or Mr. September, is a household name in the world of professional golf.

Welcoming Steve to the Family

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Supporting a New Generation of Dreamers

Steven Charles Stricker, or as some may know him as Strick or Mr. September, is a household name in the world of professional golf. A twelve-time PGA TOUR winner, seven-time PGA TOUR Champions winner, Captain of the Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup and recipient of numerous prestigious awards like the Payne Stewart Award and the PGA TOUR Comeback Player of the Year, Steve has pursued and achieved dream after dream after dream.
But what do you do after you’ve achieved so many dreams? Learn how Mr. September and American Family teamed up to champion others to support a new generation of fearless dreamers.

About Steve Stricker


Kirk Triplett: T think the best word to describe Steve Stricker is professional.

Chris DiMarco: Uh, well that's a good one. Um, there's too many. That's the problem, he's got too many great qualities to kind of sum it up in one.

Scott Dunlap: Well you only get to use one [laughs].

Mike Weir: One word that describes Steve Stricker would be, uh integrity.

Scott Dunlap: In one word I would say excellence.

John Senden: Clutch.

Chris DiMarco: Philanthropic, I would say, competitive. I mean- I could go on, but yeah.

Corey Pavin: Well if there's one word let's just say polite or humble, it's tough.

Mario Tiziani: You know most people would say that what you see is what you get and always there to offer a kind word and just a very genuine human being.

Mike Weir: He's just always done it the right way, strict he competes hard fights hard but he does it with a smile on his face to be that good and to be that solid of a human being, you know it's a it's a rare combination.

Alex Cejka: He's just an incredible guy and an incredible player.

Staying Close to His Roots

Steve, and his wife Nicki, were looking for a local partner to help him give back to his community. Born and raised in Edgerton, Wisconsin, he and his family stayed close to his roots and live in Madison, Wisconsin. With the help of American Family Insurance, headquartered in Madison, he was able to combine his love for golf with his philanthropic spirit.

In 2016, Steve Stricker and American Family teamed up to create the Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation. This foundation supports charities, educational initiatives and organizations aimed at building strong families and healthy kids, empowering them to pursue and achieve their dreams.

Every year, some of the biggest names in golf, sports and music come together to play in the American Family Insurance Championship to raise money for charity. Thanks to the proceeds from the tournament, the foundation has been able to provide more than $10 million by way of 430 grant distributions to charitable organizations.

Steve was able to leverage his love for golf to create something bigger than just the game — it created something that could make a true difference in other dreamers’ lives. When looking for ways you too can make a positive change, find what motivates you and use it to create something great. We can’t wait to see what you do!

Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation

Looking to learn more about the American Family Insurance Championship and the foundation here.

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