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Motorcycle Fueling Tips

Updated January 1, 1 . AmFam Team

Get the most from your motorcycle by following our fueling tips and being a smart and safe driver.

In the grand scheme of things, fueling your motorcycle might seem like a mundane task. But in reality, it’s something you need to get used to. Surprisingly, it’s not like filling up your car. Here are some helpful fuel facts to keep your motor runnin’ on short trips or long touring excursions.

Fuel Gauges. If your bike has a gas gauge, it might be a little unreliable – this is just the way things are. Many experienced riders judge when they need to refill using a trip/miles calculation. After you ride your bike and break it in a bit, you’ll get a sense for how many miles you get out of each tank. Your bike has a trip meter or two, so use one as a gauge for when you need to fuel up and be diligent about it. As you fuel up, look inside for the “fill-line” that lets you know when you’re done. Just remember to reset the trip meter to zero when you fill up. The last thing you need is to run out of gas along some desert highway with no one around.

Regular or Premium? Premium, high-octane fuel is best. Stick with premium.

Cost-to-Own. You’ve achieved your dreams of owning a motorcycle, but how much will a new bike cost you in fuel? That all depends on how much you ride, what type of fuel you put in, and what kind of motorcycle you have. Given that the size of an average tank is approximately 5 gallons, at around $3 per gallon, you’re looking at $15 per stop. As stated above, your bike should be filled with a premium, high octane gas – and that can be a surprising added expense if you ride a lot.

A touring bike that you ride 5 times a year on long trips will have a vastly different fuel cost-to-own than a sportier bike that you ride daily to work.

With gas prices fluctuating as much as they do from day to day and state to state, the cost of fueling your bike can swing up and down. But, let’s face it, the feeling of freedom and tranquility is well worth the cost to own a motorcycle, right?

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