Motorcycle Ride Essentials

Motorcycle Ride Essentials

Updated March 3, 2016 . AmFam Team

Discover the smartest motorcycle riding tips to make rides safer and more fun for everyone. Helpful hints for people new to cycles and experienced bikers.

Ask anyone on two wheels and they will probably tell you – there’s no better way to experience the simple task of getting from point A to point B, than on a motorcycle. Being a biker offers the allure of wind in your face, captures the independent spirit, and lets you connect with the freedom of the open road each time you throw your leg over the engine.

Get the most out of every trip and protect yourself on the road with smart motorcycle riding tips:

Inspect your ride. Before you head out, make sure your lights, horn and directional signals are working. It’s an easy way to increase your visibility to other riders and drivers. By checking the tires and drive mechanisms, you’ll be prepping your machine for miles of reliable use.

When it comes to your helmet, use your head. Being proactive about your helmet use goes a long way in keeping you and the pursuit of your dreams moving forward. Replace any helmet that’s been damaged and replace any helmet after five years, because the sun and oils from your hair and skin can deteriorate the effective components.

Ride defensively. Keep your defensive driving techniques in mind. If you’re ready for any situation, you can make up for the person in the car next to you who isn’t. Some drivers simply don’t double check for motorcyclists, so your proactive approach can go a long way towards keeping you safe.

Know the rules of the roads you’re on. Rules for motorcyclist vary from state to state—from helmet laws to eye protection requirements and the equipment you must have on your bike. Researching the local laws whenever you ride into new territory keeps you from any unwanted detours and on a clear path to your dreams.

Join a group ride. Just because you have a little bit of the rebel spirit in your heart doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. No matter what type of bike you ride, there are often other riders willing to go out with you. Group rides are also a great way to improve your own skills by learning from other riders.

Riding a motorcycle is irresistibly fun. And you’ll get a lifetime of great rides if you do it with the right gear, the right approach and the right amount of practice. Whatever your riding style, you and your American Family agent  (Opens in a new tab)can help you protect yourself, your bike and the dreams you’re cruising towards.

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