Rev Up Your Motorcycle Trip

Rev Up Your Motorcycle Trip

Updated March 4, 2016 . AmFam Team

Your guide to planning better motorcycle road trips, with tips to protect yourself, your bike, and your home when you’re on the road.

Leaning into the curves on tree-lined country roads, camping under the stars and spending a few days with nothing but you and your bike. The allure of the road trip is one of the greatest reasons to own a motorcycle.

And guess what? Taking time to plan your road trip will put you on the path to a safer and smarter adventure.

It’s the journey and the destination. Knowing where you’re headed on your road trip is key, but it’s just as important and fun to figure out how you’re going to get there. Establish your must-see sights and routes before you take off. Once you have this planned, the rest of the logistics can easily fall into place.

Plan your pit stops. Granted, motorcycles get great gas mileage, but their tanks are smaller. So their range isn’t as long as a car’s. If your bike doesn’t have a gas gauge, be sure you know your range and where your next fuel stop will be.

Protect home base. If your road trip includes leaving your home unoccupied, be sure to secure the place. Let a friend or trusted neighbor know you’ll be gone, so they can check on your home. You’ll be able to keep your mind on the trip, knowing your home is safe.

Keep your friend, H20, close. Stay hydrated with a backpack hydration system, which allows you to drink while you ride.

Be realistic. Be conservative with your daily distance estimates. Factor in fuel and food stops, and opportunities to see the sites along the way.

Bring a sleeping bag for your ride. A packable motorcycle cover and synthetic chamois are super simple ways to protect your bike at night and get rid of moisture in the morning.

Say ‘yes’ to smarter packing. Carry extra bungees, zip ties and a GPS. They take up very little space and always help in a pinch.

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