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Farm Coverage for Leaseholding Farmers

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Just like landowners, lease-holding farmers need to have insurance coverage for their farm personal property that’s used and stored on rented land. Because accidents happen on the farm, it’s key to know you’ve got the right coverage for your operation.

What Land-leasing Farmers Need to Know About Insurance

As a land-leasing farmer, getting just the right coverage for your operation can be tricky. That’s because so much of your insurance needs are the product of the lease you’ve agreed to with the landowner. But even with a well-defined lease, you may still have questions for your insurance company. If your lease requires you to get a farm insurance policy of your own, there are a few things you need to understand:

A farm insurance policy protects like renters insurance when you’re renting farm land. Much like a standard renters insurance policy, you’ll have protection for everything you use to keep your business running smoothly. From office equipment to spare parts you’ve stored in a rented shed, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your investments are covered, with the addition of a personal property endorsement on your policy.

You’ll have medical expense coverage. Suppose that a volunteer on your farm is injured while working on a machine owned by your farm. With this coverage, you’ll have medical expense insurance to help pay for bodily injury accidents — and your own savings can remain protected. Note that your employees are not covered under this policy.

Stolen items can be protected. If a theft of your equipment or other items should occur — and the event qualifies as a covered loss — you’ll be protected.

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Liability Insurance Is a Business Necessity for Farmers That Rent

The fact is, farm work is risky. And if you’re working for yourself as a lease-holding farmer with employees of your own, you know how easily accidents can happen. Insuring your operation with an additional farm/ranch umbrella liability policy can help you achieve your goals and protect your business above the standard liability coverage limits. Here are a few ways that farm liability umbrella insurance can protect your enterprise:

Coverage is customizable. You’ll be able to define the terms and limits of the protection you need to keep your investments protected. Coverage is available in million-dollar increments, from $1 million to $10 million or more.

Extra protection above your existing general liability insurance. You’ll find real peace of mind knowing that you can navigate injuries and lawsuits if the unexpected should happen and you’re faced with costly liability claims.

You’ll have property damage coverage. If you should cause damage to your landlord’s buildings or structures, and the loss is covered by an in-force farm policy, you’ll have coverage. This is also the case for the smoke and fire damage resulting from your or your guest’s negligence. File a claim and your insurance company can help you navigate the rest.

You can specify insured parties. By giving you the freedom to identify individuals for coverage in your policy, anyone named in it will be protected by our farm/ranch umbrella insurance.

Wide-angle coverage when you need it most. Our policies will cover liabilities for physical injuries to others, damage to others’ property, and situations if you’re liable for violating someone’s privacy or defaming their character.

Coverage that travels with you. Our farm/ranch umbrella policies also cover injuries to others and damages to other property that you’ve caused wherever you happen to be. If you’re out of state borrowing a trailer to get your cattle to auction and accidentally damage that trailer, this key coverage can help pay for those costly repairs.

Finding the right coverage doesn’t have to be complicated. You’ll only need to check in with your local American Family Insurance agent (Opens in a new tab) and build a plan that suits your business.

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