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Updated May 2, 2024 . AmFam Team

Searching for a well-equipped and well-maintained used car? A former fleet vehicle might be the right choice for you. Fleet vehicles can be a great option for those concerned about the vehicle history of a used car or those with a tight budget.

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What is a fleet vehicle?

A fleet vehicle is a motor vehicle owned or leased by an organization, business or agency that is part of a group of other branded vehicles. If you’ve ever seen a handyman’s truck with the logo on the side driving around town, chances are it’s part of a “fleet” of other vehicles that business uses to travel to clients’ homes or transport equipment. Rental car and taxi companies also make use of fleets.

Should I buy a used fleet car?

Cars, vans and trucks marked as fleet vehicles are typically less expensive than new or privately used cars. You can also generally be assured that they were maintained on schedule, unlike privately owned cars that tend to drive well past their scheduled maintenance dates. As with all used car sales, you should get a vehicle history report so you can know whether it’s been in an accident or had major repairs. If possible, have a mechanic you trust inspect the vehicle before committing to a purchase.

If you’re worried about buying a vehicle that was used as a rental, know that rental car companies have a vested interest in maintaining their fleet. If their cars aren’t safe to drive, they can’t rent them out, so a former rental car has most likely been tested, maintained and repaired much more diligently than someone’s former family car.

How do I know if a used car is a fleet vehicle?

Vehicles on used lots, at auctions or in online listings should be designated as a fleet vehicle in their description. If not, ask the seller about the vehicle’s history and get an official vehicle history report.

Almost all states require you to have insurance on each vehicle you own. If you’re planning on buying a used fleet vehicle, connect with your American Family Insurance agent to see how that could affect your auto insurance premiums. When you do decide to make a purchase, you can use My Account to conveniently add the new car to your insurance.

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