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Enjoy the Winter without Cabin Fever

Updated November 3, 2020 . AmFam Team

When wintertime comes, you’re bound to spend more time indoors. But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t still be active and enjoy the season. Check out our tips for beating cabin fever and making the most of your time this winter.

When the holiday season is over and the heart of winter hits, it’s hard not to come down with a case of cabin fever. The chilly weather, harsh winds and decrease in sunlight can make the days seem to fall into a snowy blur — and that’s enough to make anyone restless!

But don’t let winter get you down. There are plenty of ways to have fun and be productive during the coldest parts of the year. Check out our tips for making boredom a thing of the past this winter.

Focus on Self Improvement

With all the time you’ll be spending indoors, you ought to use it to enrich your life and improve yourself and the space around you. Check out our tips for using your winter downtime to make your life better.

Tackle a new hobby

Challenge yourself to try new things and keep your mind busy. Whether you’ve always wanted to tackle a DIY project or aspire to write your first short story, winter is the perfect time to get started! The distraction of a new hobby will make time fly, and your cabin fever will be a thing of the past!

Get back in the habit of exercising

While the dreary weather might make you feel like laying on the couch all day, you’ll feel a lot better if you sweat out your cabin fever. Find time in your schedule for a quick 30-minute workout video or a Zoom fitness class with friends. It’s a great way to boost your mood and improve your health.

Take on a home project

There’s no better time of year to start an indoor home improvement project than in the dead of winter. You’ll be stuck inside anyway, so why not make the most of it? Paint your walls, remodel the master bathroom, refresh the carpets — come spring, you’ll have a whole new home to enjoy.

Clean the house

Adding a messy home to the host of other dreary conditions can have a serious effect on your mood, so take out the trash, clean up any random items laying around your house and keep your counters tidy regularly. Start by using these tips to organize your kitchen like a pro. A clean space is a happy space!

Winter Entertaining Ideas

Once the holidays are over, winter can start to lose its magic. Here are some ways to spark some excitement in your winter world.

Start a club

One way to make sure you’re still socializing and connecting with others regularly? Start a virtual club. Play online games, share recipes, start a book together — whatever you and your pals are interested in! It’s a great way to connect with friends while staying at home.

Find reasons to celebrate

When you’re in a winter rut, why not make it a special day in your home “just because?” There’s no reason to follow the calendar to a T, so make up your own holiday and add some excitement to an otherwise dull season. Maybe it’s Topsy-Turvy Day where you do everything backwards, or it’s a pajama day. Who knows, it could become a new tradition your family celebrates every year.

Entertain yourself

Sometimes alone time is the best time — there are plenty of individual activities that can keep you busy when you’re stuck in the house. Diving into a good book, binge-watching a new TV series on your favorite video-streaming service, or watching classic movies that you never got around to are good ways to pass time.

Plan for the future

You can set yourself up to enjoy the warmer months even more by planning future ideas and activities — that way, you’ll relieve yourself of the stress that comes with planning an event without a lot of time to spare. Plus, it’ll give you and your family something exciting to look forward to.

Enjoy the Outdoors — Even in the Winter

Just because it’s cold, windy and downright dreary doesn’t mean you can’t still appreciate everything nature has to offer. Take a look at our tips for enjoying the environment during the snowy season.

Savor the snow

There are so many winter activities that can keep you moving like skiing, snowshoeing or even just building a snowman. So bundle up and step outside! Just be sure to have hot cocoa on hand to warm you back up.

Feed the birds

If your area gets below freezing temperatures on a regular basis, birds might have a hard time finding the seeds and other sources of food they survive on. Set up a bird feeder, research the kinds of birds in the area and their diets, and fill those feeders to the brim!

Up the green space

Consider adding some house plants to your décor and keep your home full of life even on the coldest of days. You’d be surprised at the effect green plants have on your mood. Plus, certain plants can improve the air quality in your home.

Pay It Forward

Sometimes helping yourself means helping others. Helping others can make you feel happy and warm inside (especially in contrast to the dark, cold weather). Here are some ideas to give back to others after the holidays are over.

Help those in need

You can still make a big difference, even if you can’t leave your home. Make this your season for giving by sending handwritten letters to nursing homes, volunteer to do virtual tutoring or donate to charities. You’ll help make your community a better place and leave each time feeling fulfilled. Take that, cabin fever!

Reduce the clutter

Have old clothes that don’t fit anymore? Too many glasses in the cupboard? Go through your home and find things you’ve outgrown or just plain don’t need anymore. Donate them to a charity — you’ll be clearing out valuable space in your house and helping someone in need at the same time. Check in advance if your local charity is taking donations and what precautions there are you need to know about.

Clear the snow

If you have any older neighbors that have a hard time shoveling their walkways or driveway, lend them a hand and take care of it for them. They’ll appreciate your care for their safety, and you’ll get some exercise while you’re at it.

No matter how low the temperatures get this winter, incorporate these activities into your day and keep the cabin fever at bay. And while you’re out and about or cozied up on the couch, make sure your insurance policy is protecting you from the unexpected by getting in touch with an American Family Insurance agent (Opens in a new tab).

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