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Are Boat Docks Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Updated March 5, 2024 . AmFam Team

If you own a boat, you might wonder if your homeowners insurance covers the dock where you moor it. Typically, if the dock is on your primary residence, you can protect your property for a covered event up to your policy's limits. But your insurance won’t cover a dock or pier you rent from a marina. That’s up to the marina to insure.

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You can add other structures coverage to your homeowners insurance policy to better protect your property. Dock insurance coverage varies from insurance company to insurance company, so check with your agent to understand the ins and outs of your policy’s available additional coverages.

If you have a pier, dock or wharf that you can remove seasonally, it could be considered personal property, which may be covered under your personal property insurance coverage. Check with your insurance agent to see what your homeowners insurance covers.

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What does dock insurance not cover?

Some common insurance exclusions limit the types of dock damage your policy can cover. These exclusions may include: 

  • Freeze-related damage, such as ice damaging the structure of the dock.
  • Collapse of the dock, unless that collapse is caused by a building falling onto it.
  • Flood-related damage, including total loss of the dock to a flood.
  • High winds that cause severe wave action, resulting in damage.

Typical types of damage covered by dock insurance coverage may include fire, wind and hail damage, generally similar to the types of damage covered by your standard homeowners policy. Just keep in mind you will have to get other structures coverage to protect your dock.

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Does flood insurance cover docks?

Typically, flood insurance will not help to protect a dock from damage or loss, so your dock would not be covered by flood insurance. There may be some circumstances under which a dock is covered for flood damage, but you will need to check with your insurance agent to confirm your coverage details.

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Dock insurance is an important thing to have if you own a dock or boat launch, so connect with your American Family Insurance agent today to make sure you’re covered. If you don’t already have it, consider boat insurance, as well, to help protect the financial value of your boat from things like physical damage and protect your financial well-being with personal liability coverage in case someone is injured on board.

This information represents only a brief description of coverages, is not part of your policy, and is not a promise or guarantee of coverage. If there is any conflict between this information and your policy, the provisions of the policy will prevail. Insurance policy terms and conditions may apply. Exclusions may apply to policies, endorsements, or riders. Coverage may vary by state and may be subject to change. Some products are not available in every state. Please read your policy and contact your agent for assistance.

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