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Get a personalized rate based on your save driving behaviors!
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What Does My DriveMyWay Score Mean?

The DriveMyWay score at the top of your smartphone app shows your accident risk based on your driving habits. Your score will be between 0 - 100.

  • Scores closer to 0 indicate a higher accident risk
  • Scores closer to 100 indicate a lower accident risk
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Where Can I Find My Driving Score?

If you’re the only person on your auto policy, you can find your 12-month score at the top of the app.

If there are other people on your auto policy, you can find the 12-month score for each driver on your policy who is enrolled in DriveMyWay in the Family section of the app.

How is my driving behavior scored?

The app collects and analyzes your driving data and then provides an overall driving score out of 100. This score can affect what you pay for auto insurance. For each driving behavior below, the app provides a specific subscore.
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Hard Braking

Measures when the vehicle stops abruptly or slows down 7mph or more in one second.

Phone Use

Measures when a person is actively using their phone while the vehicle is moving; examples include minimizing screens, texting, and making a handheld call.


Measures when a person is driving 10mph or more above the posted speed limit.

Behavior Scoring Variables

Certain variables, such as those listed below, are also used to score your driving behaviors. Research shows these factors can increase your risk of having an accident. By adjusting your driving habits based on the feedback you receive from the app, you can improve your safe driving behavior — and increase your savings!
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Hours Driven

Measures the amount of time the vehicle is driven
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Evening Driving

Measures the total driving time between 6 PM - 12 midnight
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Late-night Driving

Measures the total driving time between 12 midnight - 4 AM
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Average Speed

Measures your average speed over the course of your trip (including idle time)
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Number of Short Trips

Measures the number of trips that are less than 5 minutes in duration (a higher number of short trips is typically better because it indicates you often travel to areas you’re familiar with)

How Does My Score Impact My Insurance Rate?

In the DriveMyWay program, each participating driver will have an individual DriveMyWay score. These individual driver scores all contribute to your overall policy score. DriveMyWay uses your policy score to determine your personalized rate on your auto insurance policy.

To calculate your policy score:

Use this chart to help you see if you’re projected to save on your auto insurance rate based on your overall policy score.*

  1. Add the scores for all participating drivers on your policy.
  2. Divide the total score by the number of participating drivers on your policy.

Note: If you have drivers on your policy who are not enrolled in DriveMyWay, that may reduce your policy score and keep you from achieving your best rate.

Imagine you are in a two-driver household where you have a DriveMyWay score of 68 and the second driver has a DriveMyWay score of 84.
  1. Add the two scores (68 + 84 = 152)
  2. Divide the total by the number of drivers on the policy (152 divided by 2 = 76)
  3. Your overall policy score = 76
  4. Using the chart, a policy score of 76 is projected to give you savings on your rate!

When and How Is My Rate Calculated?

Your DriveMyWay rate impact is calculated at your next policy renewal. Keep in mind your score may change over time based on the safe driving behaviors of all participating drivers on your policy.

In addition to your DriveMyWay score, the amount you pay for insurance can also fluctuate based on other factors such as accident claims, driving violations, requested changes to your policy, discounts that were removed or planned rate increases.

I Received My Score. What Are My Options?

On day 90 of your 100-day trial period, you’ll receive an email showing your current DriveMyWay score. At this point, you will have two program participation options to choose from.
If you choose to continue participating in the DriveMyWay program, your personalized rate will be applied at your next renewal. If you choose to unenroll from the DriveMyWay program after the 100-day trial period ends, your driving behavior at the time of unenrollment will be used to calculate the rate applied at your next renewal.
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Like your score or want to improve your score?

Keep the app for the opportunity to improve your personalized rate at your next renewal — plus enjoy a 5% ongoing participation savings at your next renewal for your continued enrollment in DriveMyWay.*
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Decide the program isn’t right for you?

If you decided DriveMyWay isn’t for you, contact your agent to unenroll all drivers before the 100-day trial period ends. This will result in the DriveMyWay score not being used to calculate your auto insurance rate. Unenrollment will remove any introductory and/or participation discounts from your policy. In addition, if you unenroll drivers after the 100-day trial period ends, we’ll still use their driving behavior at the time of unenrollment when calculating your rate.

Additional Questions About DriveMyWay

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