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Livestock And Cattle Insurance

From dairy cows to beef cattle, your livestock are important investments — which is why they need the right protection. Accidents, bad weather and crimes are unpredictable, but you can be prepared by having the right coverage in place. With American Family Insurance, we’ll help build you a policy that protects your livestock from the unexpected.

Narrator: At American Family Insurance, we're here to help you protect your farm with insurance that's tailored to your unique needs.

Our livestock insurance is designed to protect your wallet and your animals, whether that means a pen that holds dairy cows or a pasture full of cattle.

This smart coverage protects your animals from lightning, theft, vandalism, electrocution, and even accidents that occur loading or unloading.

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  • Lightning
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Electrocution
  • Accidents

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What Is Livestock and Cattle Insurance?

Livestock and cattle insurance is coverage that protects your animals from the unexpected. Whether on the farm, ranch or in transit, your animals are considered your personal property. If something were to happen to them due to a covered loss, we’ll help cover the cost to remedy the issue.

American Family’s Farm Livestock Insurance Coverage Options*

We understand that no two farms run exactly the same way. That’s why our insurance for livestock is highly customizable. We’ll help you build a single, hardworking policy that protects your individual insurance needs.

Your policy will have limits on the amount we’ll cover for your animals. To select these limits, you’ll choose between two types of coverage:

Unscheduled (blanket) livestock coverage

Blanket coverage is available and intended for insuring all farm personal property inventory under one total limit. One advantage of blanket coverage is our co-insurance terms. This means that if the insured covers their farm personal property to the full value of all property, then there’s a built-in coverage cushion for when property values fluctuate or if the insured adds property which increases the actual blanket value.

Scheduled livestock coverage

With schedule livestock and cattle coverage, you can pick and choose the individual animals you would like to insure and assign a specific amount of insurance to each. This offers you customizable coverage based on your specific needs, usage and budget — and it gives you adequate limits for your higher value animals.

What Kind of Animals Does Livestock Insurance Cover?*

At American Family Insurance, your livestock insurance protects the following animals:

  • Cattle
  • Hogs
  • Sheep
  • Goats
  • Horses
  • Llamas
  • Alpacas

What Does Livestock and Cattle Insurance Cover?*

When you have livestock insurance through American Family Insurance, your animals are covered for a variety of losses, including:

Accidents to your livestock: Loading and unloading your livestock in transit, electrocution, fire, smoke, explosions.

Natural disasters: Volcanic eruption and sinkholes. You also have the option to purchase earthquake coverage as additional coverage to keep your home and personal property other than livestock protected.

Weather events that affect your livestock: Flooding, lightning, wind and hail.

Crimes and civil unrest: Theft and vandalism — take a look at our tips to help you prevent livestock theft.

Collision while in transit (livestock transport insurance): Coverage for your livestock when in transport.

Limitations to Farm & Livestock Insurance

Keep in mind that there may be a limit on the value of any one animal, although higher limits may be available.

You can add the animal perils endorsement to cover losses caused by:

  • Accidental shooting
  • Drowning
  • Attack by dogs or wild animals
  • Collapse of building

Remember that your livestock insurance doesn’t cover old age, disease or death by natural causes. If you’re interested in coverage for these types of losses, your agent can help you learn more about your options.

Livestock Liability Insurance

With your livestock and animal farm insurance, your animals are also provided coverage for liability. So if you’re found to be legally responsible for your animals causing bodily injury or property damage to other people or their property, you’ll be covered under your policy.

To better protect your farm and consequences of your animals’ actions, consider the farm and ranch umbrella liability coverage. An umbrella policy is an added layer of protection to better protect you financially in the event of an accident or lawsuit.

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Your livestock is essential to the success of your farm, so having the right protection for them is just as important as protecting everything else that helps your operations run smoothly. For confidence in your coverage, contact your American Family agent to make sure your needs are being met and all your questions are answered. Looking for more ways to protect your farm? Take a look at our farm coverages to ensure you’re protecting what matters most.