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Collision Coverage for RVs & Motorhomes

On the road, at the campsite or wherever your adventures take you — it’s important to protect your RV. And while you may keep it clean and treat it right, having insurance for your camper or motorhome is key to protecting it from the unexpected. Take a look at how collision insurance keeps you moving forward no matter what bumps in the road may lie ahead.

What Is Collision Insurance for Campers and Motorhomes?

Collision coverage helps protect you against loss or damage to your camper or motorhome caused by collision, either with another vehicle or a stationary object, or rollover — whether you’re at fault or not. Collisions involve anything from hitting another vehicle to hitting an object, like a tree, guardrail or mailbox.

What Does Collision Insurance for Camper and Motorhomes Cover?

Collision insurance protects you in many ways. For example, if you get T-boned, rear-ended or side-swiped, or you do the same to someone else’s vehicle, collision coverage is an invisible shield to protect your investment in your vehicle. And, if you accidentally back into the big tree in your front yard, collision coverage helps pay to repair the damages. It’ll also help cover you for damages that are caused in an accident where no other vehicles or objects are involved, such as a rollover caused by black ice.

Collision Deductible for Camper and Motorhomes

Like the collision insurance on your auto policy, collision insurance for your RV or motorhome usually requires you to pay a deductible before the insurance kicks in. A deductible is a set amount of money you choose when you build your policy that you’ll pay out of pocket before your insurance company pays the remaining cost (up to your policy limit).

Does My State Require Collision Insurance for My Camper or Motorhome?

Most states don’t require you to have collision insurance for your RV or motorhome. However, if you have a loan on your RV or if you lease it, your lender will typically require that you carry collision coverage. If you outright own your RV, having this coverage is optional. But it’s still a good idea to have collision coverage as a way to protect you from paying for expensive damages out of pocket if you’re in an accident.

Other Coverages for Your Camper or Motorhome

Want to enhance the protection for your recreational vehicle? Gain peace of mind on the road by taking a look at available coverages for your RV or motorhome:
Comprehensive coverage. Provides protection for accidental loss or damage (not caused by a collision) to your camper or motorhome from most causes, including: collision with an animal, fire, theft, vandalism and falling objects. Learn more about comprehensive coverage for RVs.

Personal property coverage. Provides coverage for the loss of covered personal property contained in, attached to or being used in connection with your camper or motorhome (within 25 feet). $500 coverage is included with your policy, but additional coverage amounts may also be purchased. Learn more about personal property coverage for RVs.

Vacation expense allowance. Provided up to $200 for lodging costs if your camper or motorhome becomes uninhabitable while on vacation as a result of damage or destruction form a covered event.

Adding collision coverage to your camper or motorhome is a smart move — contact your American Family Insurance agent to find out how you can customize your RV insurance coverage to ensure you’re fully protected from the unexpected.