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DreamBank Dream Academy

Dream Academy is a signature DreamBank program and a skills-based virtual learning experience designed to help you overcome the most common — yet often daunting — obstacles dreamers face.
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What to Expect

In this virtual classroom-style program, we’re partnering with distinguished experts and professors to lead you and your cohort through a curriculum consisting of video lectures, guided discussions and individual coursework while creating a shared community for you to learn and grow within. Each course will address common obstacles that can get in the way of your dream pursuits and equip you with the tools and skills to overcome them.

How is this different from a typical DreamBank event?

Here at DreamBank, our goal is to support you in your dream pursuit in many different ways, which is why we have several signature programs! Here's what you can expect:
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Weekly Sessions

We'll meet weekly over the course of several weeks to dig into the learning together in a classroom setting. Then, we'll head into smaller discussion sessions to deepen the learning.
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Tangible Takeaways

Each Dream Academy course will include dedicated materials and resources created by the instructor, designed to give you hands-on learning to help you overcome the obstacle the course is focused on.
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Connect with Others

Each week you'll leave with tangible takeaways and homework, so be ready to do some work between each session!
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Hands-On Learning

Each Dream Academy course will include dedicated materials and resources created by the instructor, designed to give you hands-on learning to help you overcome the obstacle the course is focused on.

Current Dream Academy Courses

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First-Time Homebuyers with American Family Insurance

Ready to become a homeowner, but not exactly sure where to start? While buying a home is exciting, the experience can be complicated and intimidating — especially if it’s your first time! Join this DreamBank Dream Academy course designed to guide you step-by-step through the home-buying process. From budgeting and mortgages, to closing day and home maintenance tips, the DreamBank team along with an American Family Insurance agent will help you feel comfortable and confident as you navigate your dream pursuit of homeownership. In addition to self-guided sessions, you’ll also have access to valuable tools and resources that can help along the way.

It’s time to say goodbye to renting and hello to homeownership! Feel empowered to take on buying your first home with this self-study course — providing you with key steps, tips and expert advice that you can take along on your journey to finding the house you’ll turn into a home.

Kathy Ireland Special Event Series

Brand Building for Small Businesses with Kathy Ireland

Are you a new or aspiring entrepreneur? Join American Family Insurance brand ambassador Kathy Ireland to discover the secrets to building a powerful brand that fuels your small business dream. From starting a purpose-driven business to staying competitive and connecting with new customers, this 5-part video series is the perfect place to grow your capabilities and confidence as a brand-minded business owner.

Signature Programs

Be sure to check out our other signature programs to continue your dream journey!

Dream Summit

We’re bringing together like-minded dreamers to develop and connect at our first-ever Dream Summit, and we want to see you there! RSVP today to commit to 2.5 days of inspiration — spots are limited!

Dream Camp

Want to achieve your dreams with the help of 1-on-1 coaching and workshops with business-building professionals? Apply for the DreamBank DreamCamp to join other campers for three days of seminars and presentations that can help you make your dream come true.