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DreamBank Madison

Our location in Madison, Wisconsin is a space carefully crafted to help you pursue your dreams — with inspiring events, a collaborative workspace, thought-provoking exhibits to explore and more. Check out our free events, learn more about our space below, and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know what's happening!

It’s More Than a Place, It’s an Experience

We created DreamBank to inspire and support people of all ages. And this is more than just a place. It's an experience. A living, breathing, real-life expression of the American Family promise: to provide committed support to every dreamer out there. From the moment you walk in the door, your dreams and the journey you are on are our focus. And when it's time to go, you'll leave with the confidence and resources you need to pursue your dreams fearlessly.


Natalie Healy:  Dream bank was founded on the idea that the American Dream is still alive and well, but it has changed. Dreams are more personal and individual to the person that's pursuing them, it's no longer just, the house with the white picket fence and the two and a half kids and the dog. Its "I want to make my mark on the world".

Natalie Koch: The Dream Bank is a community space and it's created by American Family Insurance, but it is meant to be a space for people to come and get inspired and figure out what their dream is and then hopefully find a way to help them pursue that.

D.P. Knudten: Dream Bank is all about promoting that sense of community, that sense of business community, that sends a family community, that sense of lifestyle community.

Nathan Acevedo: So whether it's from starting a dialogue to what is that dream, or maybe it's that connection that you need. We are going to be there to try to help you.

Jennifer Farley: The speaker series and music and business courses and book clubs and children's events all of these things happen in this space so it's a pretty special thing.

Jane Antonovich: As my business started to grow, I started to look for venues to give talk so that I could reach more people and as I looked through the newspaper all of the talks that I would want to go to we're at the Dream Bank.

Andrew Friske: A lot of people have walked in with an idea or concept and aren't certain where to start and when I'm able to either point them in the right direction or grab a book or write down a phone number for someone I know that can help them it's a really great feeling.

Spence X. Smith: Overarchingly it's really more so that people want to walk away inspire to do something and to know how to do their dreams or achieve their dreams in a better fashion because they can learn from someone else who's actually done it.

Deborah Biddle: Dream Bank has helped me pursue my dream of being a public speaker because it gave me the opportunity to come in and try new material and see what worked and what didn't.

Lindsey Maier: There's not another space like dream Bank in our community or anywhere that I've found. I can just about promise anybody who's never been there that there's something for everyone.


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