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Marketing Strategy
After you’ve made the big decision to become a landlord one of the key responsibilities you’ll have ahead of you is advertising your rental. Placing your ad on the right rental sites can help you find a quality tenant to keep your rental property occupied. We’ll walk you through the ins and outs of how to advertise your rental property listings so you’ll have the information you need to place an effective ad and get well-qualified potential tenants, too.

Where to Advertise to Attract the Right Renters

Finding that perfect way to get news of your rental out into the community is easier than ever with the help of rental property listing sites that make up today’s online marketplace. Reach diverse populations and spread the word far and wide with a few clicks by placing a few well-placed ads with the right listing service.

But are you sure you’re getting the right message out there? Are there any important ways you can advertise your property to attract high quality tenants? Find out with our pointed advice on how to speak directly to tenants you’ll want in your rental with our rental advertising insights and best practices.


By focusing on social media, you may be able to start an ongoing conversation that attracts attention. Appeal to younger audiences by describing how the location alone is a big win.

Creating an Effective Rental Listing

Appeal to your target audience with content that features the amenities and necessities in a way that calls your prospective tenants to action. Get in front of them with important lease-specific details like requiring credit checks and renters insurance and you may find more highly qualified applicants are asking for a walk-through. Most importantly, market your rental property with an ad that features everything your rental has to offer and be sure to include the basics like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, too. By including details about its proximity to public transportation and how fantastic the restaurants are only a few blocks away, you can help to market your rental’s winning location and get results fast.

How to Choose What Type of Renter You Want

Having a target tenant in mind is likely one of the first things you thought about when you were bidding on your rental property. Visualizing what type of tenant you can anticipate applying early in the process helps you make decisions on improvements and helps you set your rental price too. But even with all of that, how do you pick a tenant that’s likely to be kind to your space, and pay the rent on time, too? From powerful screening tools to selecting a lease that fits your needs, you’ll find the resources you need to select the right renter for your space.

Why Marketing and Insuring Your Rental Is Key

When you list rentals that require your tenant to have renters insurance and undergo a background check, you’ll help to attract responsible tenants that are willing to invest some money to protect their belongings. You’ll find they’re more financially responsible as a whole, and that alone can really help to ensure that the rent checks arrive on time. Stop by or contact your American Family Insurance agent to review how requiring your renters to carry their own policy is a great idea for your financial wellbeing.

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