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We need your talents and passion to continually strengthen our customer-driven culture.
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Getting Hired

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Once you find the agency or corporate position that’s right for you, please apply. This is what you can expect once you do:

Let's Talk

We want to know your hopes, dreams, and passions. Once we receive your application, and if your skills fit our needs, you’ll interview with a recruiter. You may be asked to take a skills assessment before or after the interview.

Show Us Your Skills

After the call, if you’ve showed us you’re up to the challenge, you’ll interview with a hiring manager. As we learn more about your strengths and skills, you’ll learn what it takes to be part of our team.

Launch Your Career

If selected for the role, we’ll be with you from day one to make sure you have the resources and information you need for success.

Here, Passion & Purpose Fill the Halls

And here, we challenge each other to be our best. Because we believe that how we treat one another is just as important as what we deliver to our customers.


Being customer driven means putting the customer first finding out what their needs are and tailoring products specific to our customer base.

Customer-driven means that we're a company that focuses on the needs of our customers and that we understand who they are.

Being customer-driven you're always looking to meet their needs.

We spend a lot of time trying to get to know our customers and not just a business level but a personal level and really understanding what they need and how we can help protect those dreams.

I think it's also a really strong fit for our culture here at AmFam.

We have a very people-oriented, very collaborative, caring culture and I think it's very natural for us to want to do what's best both for our employees as well as for the customer.

Whenever there is requests coming from internal customers or external sometimes, I want to do what American families do on a day-to-day basis and provide that level of support.

I'm customer driven in my role because focusing on diversity and inclusion I need to always know who our customers are, who we desire our customers to be, and to be able to focus on a variety of backgrounds that our customers have and the different communities in which they come from.

There's personal satisfaction and being able to help others and protect their dreams and so it's really important to make sure that we're putting the customer as a priority and what we do daily.

I think really putting the focus on them and making them know that we're here for them and how can we make their insurance process easier and making them feel that they're part of American Families together with us.

For the insurance industry as a whole and in particular AmFam we have made big steps over the last several years in sort of bringing our game around customer.

Our customer conference if you will to state-of-the-art level so our strategies our actions our technology.

Because American Family is so engaged with its customers it wants to provide the best level support it knows and in order to do that it needs to have the best possible talent on site and it needs to be treating their talent with respect.

Many people are mission driven and they want to be at a company that they know means what they say and by American Family focusing on our customers making sure we live our vision we will attract more talent and meet the needs of our employees.

If you're looking for a place to work that gives you the satisfaction that you've done something good at the end of the day American Family is the place to be.


Why American Family Insurance?

Take a look at all the ways we set ourselves apart.
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Here, it’s about more than just comprehensive health coverage and a 401(k) plan. We believe in the power of workplace well-being by offering you a fulfilling and flexible work/life environment.
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Our Culture and Values

You’ll quickly see that we treat you like we treat customers. It’s our philosophy that a great work environment encourages great employees.
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Military and Veterans

You’ve dedicated your time and effort to a bigger purpose – whether in uniform or by taking care of the fort back home. So we dedicate our time to ensure you get an equal shot at achieving your dreams.
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At American Family Insurance, we’re striving to attract and retain a diverse workplace. We’re focused on intentional expansion of our racially and ethnically diverse talent and leadership pipelines, as well as opportunities for more women to secure and thrive in leadership roles. 
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Students and Recent Grads

At American Family we are driven by our desire to help our customers and employees pursue their dreams. Kick start your career with an inclusive, purpose-driven company that embraces your ideas, your background, and unique experiences to improve the lives of others.
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Community Investment

From American Family’s social and philanthropic organizations – to our passionate volunteers – we combine deep investments, authentic action and meaningful partnerships to empower our customers, employees and communities to dream fearlessly.

Awards and Recognitions