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Repair Cost Coverage for Boats

  • Repair cost coverage can help you restore your boat
  • Helps pay for repairs without a deduction for depreciation, up to the policy limits
  • Protects your boat from unexpected losses, like damage from a collision with a hidden object

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What is repair cost coverage for boats?*

Repair cost coverage is a boat insurance add-on. It helps you pay for repairs. After a covered accident, it can help you repair your boat to its pre-accident condition.
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How Repair Cost Coverage Protects You and Your Boat

This additional coverage can help pay for repairs when your boat is damaged, but not destroyed. Here are some examples.

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Damage from Docking

The side of your boat is scratched from rubbing against the dock. In the event of scratches or dents caused by contact between the boat and the dock, this coverage may help pay for the repair.
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Someone vandalizes your boat and damages the hull. Boat repair cost coverage helps pay for parts, labor, and materials needed to fix it.
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Collision with Hidden Objects

You hit a hidden rock under the water, damaging your boat's motor. Boat repair cost coverage helps cover damage for repairs to the motor or hull if they hit hidden objects.
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