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Non-motorized Boat Insurance

We want to ensure that you’re protecting your non-motorized vessels from the unexpected. That’s why we offer coverage that can be customized to you and all your water adventures.

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Non-Motorized Boat Insurance

You use your non-motorized boat for recreation, and you use it to get work done on the water. Whether you use your rowboat to get to and from your yacht at its mooring or you’re out on your inflatable raft catching some rays, you know that they’re investments worth protecting. Non-motorized boat insurance is coverage for your dinghy, tender, rib or rowboat and helps to protect you in the event of a covered loss from property damage, physical damage. And it comes with bodily injury and medical expense coverage, too.

What Types of Boats Are Covered by Non-motorized Boat Insurance?*

American Family Insurance wants to make sure you’re protecting your property with the right coverage. And we offer protection for a wide array of non-motorized boats:

  • Kayak
  • Canoe
  • Dinghy
  • Amphibious rigid inflatable boat (RIB)
  • Sailboard
  • Tender
  • Inflatable raft
  • Paddle boat
  • Row boat
  • Stand up paddleboard (SUP)

Non-Motorized Boat Insurance Coverages*

Leisurely cruising in your non-motorized boat still exposes you to the unexpected, so it pays to be proactive about your protection. And when it comes to a boat you keep near your dock, like your dinghy or tender, you want to make sure you’re properly protecting it from storms and other damage.

Cover yourself from potential damage with our coverages like physical damage, bodily injury and property damage liability and medical expense coverage. Here are a few more coverages you may want to consider:

Personal effects coverage

If you’re bringing accessories on your kayak or canoe cruise, you never know what could happen. We offer coverage that helps reimburse you for things like your fishing rods and reels, and even personal property like your eye glasses, clothing, cameras and portable electronics. This means if we cannot repair your damaged items, we will help cover the cost for new ones or a similar model.

If you have a homeowners policy or renters insurance, you’ll be covered up to $1,500 for property damage on your non-motorized boat. This coverage picks up where those insurance policies leave off.

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Non-Motorized Boat Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Motorized Boat Insurance Limitations

If your non-motorized boat meets any of the restrictions below, they will not be covered under your homeowners policy, and you’ll want to make sure they’re protected with a boat insurance policy.

  • Outboard motor can be no more than 50HP
  • Inboard motor can be no more than 50HP
  • Non-motorized sailboats can be no longer than 26 feet

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